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Director looked at me a moment and said: I see you do not like lying,ray ban rare prints but the invigilator teacher on the spot to find a note from your drawer, it's hard to explain, exam examination room layout, all the drawers will be emptied. And according to your instructor anti-Indian, you usually will not perform well, academic performance but also in general, how can you say that I believe How about you? Then inserted a pig: Director, cheap ray ban sunglasses teams so bad events happen, I want to bear a great responsibility for yourselves! Usually do not educate cheap ray ban sunglasses ah! See pig pretense look, cheap ray ban sunglasses a burst of nausea, in fact, his heart is very clear, cheap ray ban sunglasses have seen through this thing, but he had been able to casually in front of cheap ray ban sunglasses for such performances, it seems that when he is very Men Do not Cry talent! Director of meditation for a long while, seemed determined, was about to speak when the door came a knock at the door. The next few days, and finally a little leisure, in addition to sending old bell outside the airport, cheap ray ban sunglasses all free time spent in the library, senior year, the course has been very small, graduation design is relatively large proportion of. And also before you go to help the old bell cheap ray ban sunglasses handled a special library card so that you can enter cheap ray ban sunglasses faculty reading room reading. Wander in the book of the sea every day, never cheap ray ban sunglasses like a sponge absorbing water unsaturated, greedily learn everything useful knowledge. Library administrators cheap ray ban sunglasses also extremely impressed, because cheap ray ban sunglasses often go in a look that is a long time, and this time take dozens, not a moment went in for a number of books, but for special curator confessed cheap ray ban sunglasses should cheap ray ban sunglasses as to trouble the people, the real people reading What kind of?

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